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Florida Fights Back!
Resisting The Stolen Election

A fast paced, MTV style chronicle of events that took place, primarily in Florida, after the 2000 Presidential election. Evidence is shown of fraudulent activity to swing the election uncovered by BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast, regarding a bogus felon's list prepared by the State of Florida to weed out eligible voters from the voter rolls. Evidence is also shown of how the U.S. Supreme Court committed crimes by stopping a legal recounting of votes in Florida, presented by former L.A. Prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi.

Interspersed throughout the film is protest footage showing citizen's attempts to demand a federal investigation that was ignored by both Democrats and Republicans. The protests take place in several Florida cities, at a Washington D.C. Voter March and at the 2001 Oscar ceremony in L.A., as well as at several political functions in Florida. Featured in the film are social activist Bob Kunst, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, U.S. Congressman Peter Deutsch, Palm Beach County Commissioner Carol Roberts and others. The film stresses the need for a federal investigation of the 2000 election as the only way to determine if our current government is legitimate.