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This irreverant film will have you laughing as you tear your hair out in frustration over what happened. Listen to what one buyer had to say after watching: Click here to watch


Dear Jeanine:

I'm one of the filmmakers whose work was shown at the Westcliffe Digital Film Festival in Colorado last week.

My purpose for this E-mail is simply to let you know I truly thought your film, "Florida Fights Back" was easily the highlight of the festival and needs to be seen anywhere and everywhere ... again and again. I was amazed also that the spokesman for the film was none other than Vincent Bugliosi (not sure of spelling) who most people didn't realize was the prosecutor who put Charles Manson and his brood in jail forever. I consider him the most brilliant legal mind since Clarence Darrow and as strong a case as you could have made for the film's credibility.

I think "Florida [Fights] Back" is a must see by everyone, especially with the election bearing down on us now. You've brought out issues that "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Control Room" both brought out ... and people just need to see this -- as opposed to the cartoon known as Fox News and the moronic rantings heard at the Republican convention.

Anyway, if nothing else I loved your film. The festival was wonderful and had an air of comfort and camaraderie about it I truly enjoyed. With people like you in the world, justice will be made public.

My best to you as well,

Nick Checker

July 31, 2003

We Have An ELEPHANT In Our Living Room

Last night David and I reviewed a tape produced by Bruce Yarock & Jeannine Ross of Pembroke Pines, FL. It's title is: "FLORIDA FIGHTS BACK" Resisting the Stolen Election. It features interviews with Greg Palast, Vincent Bugliosi and Bob Kunst,pioneer social activist who ran for Governor. www.floridafightsback.com the question is "Where would be be today if we had a Federal Investigation of the
2000 Presidential election?

This morning I'm thinking as a social worker and reviewing "systems" such as the dysfunctional family. Twenty years ago in working with those families I recall using the book and message about "THE ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM". Our beloved family, our USA surely does have "an Elephant in the Living room" and I DO mean ELEPHANT! The ELEPHANT is the STOLEN ELECTION 2000!! Until a dysfunctional group is
willing to SEE it and CONFRONT it and then DEAL with it no progress will be made. We are focusing on investigating the lies told about needing to go to war with IRAQ and seem to have forgotten the
Elephant which needs to be addressed first or at least simultaneously with this other investigation.

This tape makes the point that one of the main reasons McBride lost was that he and the FL Dem Party did not focus on JEB as a major acomplice to the stealing of the 2000 election. Until the DEMS get over their reluctance to identify the Elephant and publicly deal with it we are destined to lose over and over again and continue to be
dysfunctional at all levels including here in Hillsborough County. I believe that DEC's all over this state are affected by this ELEPHANT. Fred Williams a long time Democrat and activist with the I-4 Corridor Dems group confirms that many other Florida DEC's are very dysfunctional.

Our local experience of a DEC member volunteering to address the ELEPHANT by an upside down American flag pin signifying our country in disttress was not permitted by the leadershp. It's interesting that the use of the term ELEPHANT is co-incidentally so appropo here.

All Democrats and disenfranchised voters are still angry about the stolen election and many will not vote as a result of their anger and frustration. The Dems at the national, state and local levels are still ignoring the ELEPHANT in our living room. If the Dems could tell the voters of this country that we are doing something about the stolen election voters would register and vote. Continuing to have elections without dealing with the stolen one only compounds the problem. GWB's running to now win it when he originally STOLE it is unlawful, immoral and an affront to reason. How can we let someone who is in office illegitimately act like he was elected and run as an
elected official for re-election? The Republicans know this and that's why they have targeted over 250M to be raised for his campaign. They don't care about honesty and ethics. They only care about winning for the wealthy. The Democratic Party MUST come out strong for honesty, ethics and ALL the people and
against stolen elections. Please respond to me and share your thoughts on this.
Barbara Nicholson, ACSW


I enjoyed watching, and was also angered by, "Florida Fights Back." It was interesting seeing video from the Voter Rights March from May of 2001. I attended that march, traveling on a bus overnight with some 30 other Houstonians. I saw several of my busmates in your film. I also videotaped much of the march and the pre-march rally in Lafayette Park, and it was rather eerie seeing footage from almost the exact vantage point from which I was shooting. Beyond that pleasant note, however, the complacency of my Democratic "Party" to the theft of the Presidency is, to this day, appalling and puzzling. Some have said that "silence is complicity." I can't help but wonder how co-opted some of our Democratic "leaders" must have been and must still be for them all to zip their lips about the obvious outrage that elevated Bush to the Oval Office. Or maybe they're just really stupid. Oh, how things might be different had Al Gore become President. The information that Greg Palast has uncovered since the Stolen Election of 2000 should have put someone under investigation by now, if there were any true justice, I guess.

I keep thinking about that phrase "…with liberty and justice for all" and I wonder if the Bush family will ever taste any. They seem to be immune.

Thanks again for producing this video. It's always good to know that you're not "alone."


Steve S., Houston, TX


"I had my own ideas of all the actions of the Republican party, but your investigations and documentary validated my conclusions. I called it a Coup and said, "We are watching Rome fall." I worked for the Gore/Lieberman campaign. I and my group of Mall Walkers, wearing bright blue tee shirts saying Gore Lieberman, walked every day for six weeks. We met so many Republicans for Gore I sotpped counting. It was no surprise to me when it was first called for Gore as the winner. It was a huge shock to start hearing what was beginning to happen.

I smelled a rat and experienced trepidation when before the election Jeb Bush declared on TV, "My brother IS going to be the next president of the United States." He was so adament and cock sure it was frightening to watch.

Your film is so well done. The cartoon to emphasize the reality of what happened and is happening was tasteful, {as tasteful as anything this bad could be shown}.

I met Bob Kunst, and Greg Palast when they were in Sarasota. I so admire their guts and perseverance. I am not ashamed to admit that I have been intimidated by the tactics in our community alone. Someone tried to rip my pin from my shirt, my neighbors are R.s and barely speak to me. I hold back on my letter writing to the editors because of so much venom directed to any of we Dems. who really speak out.

While I appreciate and amdire the reporting in the film, I am still concerned and unsure as to how we can turn this around. These R.s are criminals and we have no court in which to try them. As Vincent Bugliosi says these supreme court justices belong in jail. They had such conflicts of interest! My God it is scary to realize we have no supreme court any longer.

I was so grateful to find your video and will make sure as many people as possible get to view it. Thank you and all who were involved in making this available to us. I am finding my democrats are not as angry or outraged as I am. I hope there is not something wrong with ME - I don't plan to every forget election/coup 2000.


Darlen K., Sarasota, FL.